the fitness plan of a sniper
i release the workout plan that i was hiding for years
From: Robin Zane
Date: Now
Location: Somewhere in South America
Yes, it's true! I decided to release the workout plan that I used to prepare soldiers to become special forces snipers. One day another instructor asked me if he could use it to train his special forces candidates. Then Austrian special police forces started to use it and it spread like a wildfire. When I left the military there were no updates anymore and people were begging me to create more. This is what I do now - for YOU!
It doesn't matter if you want to apply for special forces, become a soldier, police officer, fireman... or if you just want to get in GREAT shape. Maybe you want to lose weight, build muscle. And some might just want to be ready for anything life (or the bad guys) throw at them. Here is what you will work on:
  • Core: Build a STRONG body center
  • ​​ Strength: Learn to move heavy objects
  • Power: Exert a maximal force FAST
  • Endurance: Withstand heavier stresses for longer
  • Cardio: Low Intensity Cardio & High Intensity Cardio
  • Mobility: To use a healthy range of motion
If you are not someone who is in great shape right now... that's fine too. Everyone starts somewhere. And why not start with something that can get you really really far?
Learn From The Best, and You Will Achieve the Best!
The knowledge in this workout plan is something I gathered from working with the best. Observing how they prepared, how they keep training once they are in a sniper team. My own experience of being selected or becoming a sniper, then being in Syria fighting against ISIS for 8 months... all this new knowledge is now in this updated training plan. And now it's not only reserved for special forces of military and police - but also for you!
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 On 30th July it will be released and the price WILL go up!
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